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Desert Gardens RV/Mobile Home Park is a Pet Friendly Park ...
HOWEVER for the comfort of all our guests and visitors we must enforce certain Policies

1. All pets must be registered with Proof of current vaccinations at the Park Office with a limit of two pets per site.

2. Pets cannot be left unattended with or without a leash outside the home and may not be walked in the park unless controlled on a leash.

3. Pet Droppings on or off Tenant's lot must be cleaned up immediately by Tenant. Pets are not allowed in or tied outside of Clubhouse, laundry room and bathrooms. However, well mannered pets are welcome in office area only.

4. Barking, growling, snarling, crying, howling and other such noises which disturb other tenants is cause for revoking permission to keep a pet.

5. Pets shall not be allowed to enter another Tenant's home site, flowerbeds, shrubs or yard.

6. Vicious animals will not be allowed. Management's decision is to whether any pet is vicious is final and conclusive.



The desert, with its hot and dry environment, severe seasonal thunderstorms, numerous spiny plants, coyotes and various venomous creatures, can raise serious challenges for your pets.  You should take precautions to keep them safe and healthy.

PetAware1. On the exceptionally hot days, leave your pets at home, if possible.  Generally, they are safest and healthiest in their normal habitats.  It is better for your pet to be lonely for a few hours than exposed to the extremes of a desert environment.

2.  Leaving a dog, cat or any pet in a parked car in the sun of a hot summer day is only asking for trouble.  Interior vehicle temperatures can reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.  Opening a window will not provide enough ventilation to cool a pet.  Pets can die or suffer permanent brain damage in less than five minutes at those high temperatures.

3. Don’t tie up a dog anywhere since it may become tangled in the line, trapped in the heat.

4. If you enjoy hiking with your dog, make sure the animal is in good physical condition.  Prepare as you would for any hike, but add to your list of needs the requirements for your dog such as extra water.  Bring a portable pet water bowl and damp towels in a plastic bag.  Give your dog rest time in the shade no matter how well conditioned your pet is.  Just because you are rested, it does not mean your pet is.  Consider a longer rest to protect your pet.

5. If you must leave your pet outdoors on hot summer days, make sure it, and any pet shelter, are in the shade during the entire day.  What may be shady in the morning may be a hot, sunny spot as the day progresses.  Your pet needs shade to stay cool. In the desert, a hot sunny day can turn swiftly into a violent summer monsoon storm, complete with lightning, thunder, flooding and violent rushing water.  Never leave your pet outdoors if there is a chance of a lightning storm.

Hungry Coyote6. When the desert monsoon season begins, desert toads (Colorado toads) emerge from their burrows.  These are highly toxic to dogs.  Your dog may be interested in the toad because of natural curiosity, or the toad might go to your dog’s bowl of water.  Any contact, including drinking the water in which the toad has been, can be fatal for your dog.  You will not always see them since they spend much of their lives beneath the ground.  Check the area frequently for them before allowing your pet out.

7. People who have moved to (or visiting) the desert from other areas and new pet owners are often unaware of just how hot the pavement can get.  If you cannot keep your hand on the pavement, it is too hot for your pet.

Finally, remember Coyotes, Rattle Snakes Tarantula's, Scorpions and other wildlife that make the desert their home can be fatal to your pet .


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